Jeju Premium Daily Van Tour

PREMIUM DAILY VAN TOUR of Jeju island for those who looking for private, high quality, and small group tours. To maintain the highest quality, we are receiving no more than 8pax in a group. Mon/Wed/Fri will be EAST course, Tues/Thurs will be WEST course, While you are joining our tour, you can enjoy true Jeju island visiting many places. During one-day van tour, Core Travel’s professional tour guide will take care of you! As this is a small group tour, you can directly communicate with the guide. You will discover the real beauty of Jeju island.


125USD per person

Tour Time


Pick up Time and Location

9:30 AM, at your hotel lobby(Jeju city downtown area only)

Tour Courses

jeju daily van tour


  • EAST COURSE(Mon/Wed/Fri)
    Woljeongri beach, Manjang cave, Lunch, Horse riding or Aromatherapy, Seongeup folk village, Seopjikoji, Seongsan sunrise peak, Etc


  • WEST COURSE(Tue/Thur)
    Aewol coastal road(G-Dragon cafe), Hanlim park, Osulloc, Lunch, Camellia hill, Play K-pop, JTO DFS, Etc


Tour Information / Details

Enjoy Jeju island with a professional driving guide.

※ Minimum 3persons
※ 2 persons: Send us an inquiry for booking
※ Below 4persons, the tour can be started with a sedan.

※ Pickup time: 09:30 AM
※ Pick up location: At your hotel(Jeju city area only)
※ Sending location: At your hotel(Jeju city area only)


Pick up & Sending, Transportation, Driving guide, Entrance fee, Lunch


Air Ticket, Personal expenses, Dinner, Tip(recommended, not compulsory)

Send us an inquiry if you want to:
※ Purchase domestic air ticket to Jeju
※ Apply for airport pick up service
※ Book hotels
※ Add more tourist attractions or performances

Tour Schedule

Tour course is subject to change according to the local circumstance.


  • Hotel Pick up
  • Woljeongri beach
  • Manjang cave
  • Lunch(Jeju local set meal)
  • Horse riding or Aroma theraphy
  • Seongeup folk village
  • Subjikoji
  • Seongsan sunrise peak


  • Hotel Pick up
  • Aewol coastal road(G-Dragon cafe)
  • Hanlim park
  • Osulloc green tea farm
  • Lunch(Buffet)
  • Camellia hill
  • Play K-pop
  • JTO Duty free shop
  • Sending Service


Additional Options

Nanta Show


Non-Verbal performance
Traditional Korean beat
Running Time: 90mins
Time: 17:00, 20:00


You can choose one of the options below:
Moisturizing treatment with light therapy
Whitening treatment with light therapy
Cryocell treatment with light therapy
Glutathione skin whitening injection
Aqua peeling
※ All treatments will be done in authorized clinic



※ Minimum 4persons
※ Below 4persons, send us inquiry
Best way to explore Jeju Island's night
Free fried chicken for dinner
Tour Time: 4.5hrs



Foot massage(60mins): 45USD
Body massage(70mins): Additional 20USD
Facial Treatment(60mins): Additional 10USD
Prenatal care(90min): Additional 30USD
※ Additional cost need to be paid directly to guide in cash, on tour date.



Enjoy Jeju's emerald ocean on the luxury yacht!
Fishing experience, Wine, Tea and Music
Running Time: 60mins



Exciting undersea tour
Going deep into 40m sea-bed
Running Time: 60mins
Time: Every 40mins


Payment & Cancellation Policy

Payment methods: Paypal, Wechat pay, Wire transfer or Cash(10% deposit is needed)
Payment must be made before the tour date.
If you cancel the reservation, the tour fee will be refunded after a set amount has been deducted.
- 10 days before: 100% refund
- 5~9 days before: 70% refund of the full amount
- 2~4 days before: 50% refund of the full amount
- 1 day before up to the day of: non-refundable

※ Please request changes or refunds during business hours.
- Business hours: weekday (Mon-Fri) 09:00~18:00 [Korean time (UTC+9)]
- Closed: Saturday, Sunday, Korean National holidays


Available departures

Select your tour start date using the calendar below to book this tour.
※ Bookings must be made at least 3 days in advance of the actual date. If not, we are unable to guarantee the availability.


Camellia Hill

Camellia Hill


Camellia Hill is a camellia arboretum that was created on a plot of land in Sangchang-ri, Andeok-myeon, Jeju-do that spans 172,000 square meters. The arboretum is home to 6,000 camellia trees of 500 different species including species that are known to produce the world’s largest and earliest blossoms. In addition to camellia trees, the arboretum also boasts palm trees, wildflowers, and other plants as well as a sprawling grass plaza and an ecological pond. Auxiliary facilities include a gallery exhibiting camellia-themed crafts and a multipurpose seminar room. Camellia Hill also offers a variety of lodging facilities ranging from thatched-roof cottages and wooden cottages to steel houses and a condominium-type resort.

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Hanlim Park

Hanlim Park


Hallim Park is one of the most popular tourist spots on Jeju Island, located about 33km west of Jeju City and Mt. Hallasan along the beach in Hallim-eup. It faces the pleasant scenery of Biyangdo Island, Hyeopjae Beach and Geumneung Beach. The park was established on barren land in Hyeopjaeri, Hallimeup, then covered with tons of earth and the planting of assorted subtropical plants began in early 1971.

Hallim Park, reaching almost 100 thousand square meters, has a variety of gardens that can be enjoyed in any season. Visitors can enjoy checking out Palm Tree Road, Jeju Stone and Bonsai Garden, Water Garden, Subtropical Botanic Garden and much more. The most famous tourist sites in Hallim Park are Hyeopjaegul and Ssangyonggul Caves, known to be the only two-dimensional caves in the world. In addition, a folk village, children’s amusement park and outdoor resort facilities make it enjoyable for both children and adults.

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Seongeup Folk Village

Seongeup Folk Village


Seongeup Folk Village is a small town that holds a vast amount of culture.

Cultural properties in the folk village have been handed down from generation to generation and include treasures such as residential houses, Confucian shrines and schools, ancient government offices, stone statues, large millstones (pulled by horses or ox), fortress ruins, and stone monuments. Among the cultural gems of the folk village are intangible cultural assets such as folk plays, native foods, local folk craftsmanship, and local dialect. Even the trees are an important part of the area’s heritage. Several zelkova and nettle trees that are hundreds of years old stand at the center of the village, preserving the dignified atmosphere of a bygone era.

The Seongeup Folk Village shows the unique culture of Jeju Island: the black lava rock walls, the straight but curvy alleys to block the wind, and the stone grandfather statues (Harubang), which have become a prime feature of the landscape. The local black-haired pigs and tongsi (pigsty / restroom) are especially well-known characteristics of Jeju folk culture. The Jeju black pork is said to be very nutritious.

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Jungmun Tourist Complex

Jungmun Tourist Complex


Jungmun Tourist Complex is a multi tourism area of Jejudo Island and the largest resort in Korea. It is located on the seashore of Jungmun area in Seogwipo. Its facilities blend in beautifully with its surrounding nature, and in 1971, it was designated an International Tour Site. In the Resort, there are many interesting sites to visit, such as Pacific Land, Yeomiji Arboretum, fishing village for tourists, Seonimgyo Bridge, Cheonjeyeon waterfall, and Jungmun Beach. Also there are great hotels such as Shilla Hotel, Lotte Hotel, and the Hyatt Hotel that are internationally well known because celebrities often visit from abroad. This is the biggest Tourist complex in Korea.

The seashore of the Jungmun Tourist Complex (Jungmun Resort) is especially beautiful, and it is often used as a shooting location for movies, dramas, and commercials. A bench in the garden of Shilla Hotel was used in the movie ‘Swiri’and the area has become known as ‘Swiri Hill.’ Yeomiji Arboretum is also a must-see travel spot. This arboretum has 2,000 kinds of rare plants in the greenhouse, and 1,700 kinds of flowers and trees outside. A tour train can be used between the arboretum and the garden, and if you go up to the sky lounge in the middle of the garden, you can see the whole arboretum. On a clear day, you can even see Marado Island in the distance.

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Manjang Cave

Manjang Cave


Manjanggul Cave is one of the finest lava tunnels in the world, and is a designated natural monument. A lava tunnel is formed when the lava that was deep in the ground spouts from the peak and flows to the surface. Manjanggul Cave has a variety of interesting structures inside including 70cm lava stalagmites and the lava tube tunnels.

Only 1km of the 13,422m Manjanggul Cave is open to tourists. The inside of the tunnel sustains a temperature of 11~21℃, creating a comfortable atmosphere. There are rare animals such as bats living in the tunnel, which makes this tunnel valuable for researchers as well. The stone pillars and stalactites are widely spread and the tunnels shows off the cave’s topographical features. “Stone Turtle” is especially eye-catching because it is shaped like Jeju-do Island.

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Seopjikoji is located at the end of the eastern shore of Jeju Island. “Seopji” is the old name for the area, and “Koji” is Jeju dialect meaning a sudden bump on land. On Koji hill which is wide and flat, there stands a stone Bongsudae called “Hyeopjayeondae” with a 4m height and 9m length and width that has retained its original form.

Seopjikoji was the filming site of “Gingko Bed,” “The Uprising,” “One Thousand and One Nights” and other Korean TV dramas. Nearby attractions include Jeju Folk Village and Udo Island as well.

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Woman Diver Show

Woman Diver Show
Seongsan sunrise peak is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site and  you can also witness a haenyeo performance with the picturesque scenery. Haenyeo put on a full performance, from pre-diving ritual to their catch. You can enjoy fresh seafood there too!
Performance time : 13:30 – 14:30,  15:00 – 16:00(Everyday)
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Seongsan Sunrise Peak

Seongsan Sunrise Peak


Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak rose from under the sea in a volcanic eruption over 100,000 years ago. Located on the eastern end of Jejudo Island, there is a huge crater at the top of Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak. The crater is about 600m in diameter and 90m high. With the 99 sharp rocks surrounding the crater, it looks like a gigantic crown. While the southeast and north sides are cliffs, the northwest side is a verdant grassy hill that is connected to the Seongsan Village. The ridge provides an ideal spot for walks and for horse riding as well.

The sunrise from the crater is magnificent. Also the Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak surrounded by bright yellow colored rapeseed flowers in the spring is truly a sight to behold.

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Woljeongri Beach

Woljeongri Beach


Woljeongri Beach is known for its scenery, tranquil white sand and beautiful emerald ocean. Near the beach, a stretch of cozy and beautiful cafes aligned the streets. In addition, a drive along the beach will be great to appreciate the exotic landscapes of Jeju-do island.

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Duty Free Shop

Duty Free Shop


The Shilla Duty Free Shop in Jeju is characterized by leisurely and gorgeous atmosphere, providing a comfortable space of rest for shoppers. Located on the first floor are various international luxury brands and the second floor houses stores selling cosmetics, bags, sunglasses, clothing, electronics and Korean souvenirs. Customers can easily browse a great range of brand shops, and it is the only place in Jeju Island that has Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Tiffany boutiques.

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Play K-Pop

Play K-Pop


Jeju Jungmun Resort newly presents the digital theme park “PLAY K-POP” where new media technology and K-pop music meet. Hologram concerts truly give the excitement of actual live concert or better than being in one. PLAY K-POP also provides “Live 360,’ a 360 degrees rotating real 3D animation video. It is so real that you might feel as if the 3D images went through your body. The center also proudly introduces itself as an interactive entertainment space featuring special exhibitions, food & beverage outlets and MD shops that await visitors’ interactions.

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Aewol Coastal Road

Aewol Coastal Road


A western region tour starts by driving the Aewol-Hagwi Coastal Road drive, known as the most famous of all coastal roads. This road will lead you to Gwakchi, Hyeopjae and Geumneumg Beaches, which are among the best in Jeju. The country villages alongside the coastal road make for perfect scenery and photo opportunities. Well-cultivated botanical gardens and bonsai gardens are also concentrated in the western region. In particular, the Spirited Garden is famous for its variety of bonsai Bangrimwon Garden has wildflowers from around the world and Hallim Park are all located here.

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The O’sulloc Museum, located on Jeju-do Island near Seogwangdawon, teaches visitors about Korea’s traditional tea culture. The “o” in “o’sulloc”, means to appreciate and enjoy, and it also stands for the ‘origin of sulloc’, ‘only sulloc’, and ‘of sulloc tea’.

The museum first opened in September 2001 and is widely known in Korea. The entire building takes the shape of a green tea cup. It seeks to harmonize the cultures of the West and East, and past traditions with the modern world.

At the O’sulloc Museum, not only can visitors enjoy unique o’sulloc teas, but they can relax next to the lotus pond in the indoor garden. The second floor of the building has an observatory, so visitors can enjoy the views of the nearby green tea fields and the surrounding landscape.

Exhibition Hall Information
Tea Cup Gallery, Tea Cups of the World, Brand Story, Space for Roasted Tea

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Tour review scores and score breakdown

9 reviews

Guest reviews are written by our customers after their tour of Jeju Premium Daily Van Tour.


Guest reviews

  • Alicetj

    Me and friends were really having a great time with JY Onnie our local tour guide during the day tour to East Jeju. She speaks english, showed us around Jeju and help us took pictures. The tour price is affordable, the van is comfortable and the places we visited were really great with awesome view. Might want to join this tour again next time .

    So far so good

  • Ennyjuliana

    The tour guide JY onnie is very friendly and speak english. We joined the 1 day tour to east Jeju . JY onnie showed us around and help us took nice pictures and the price of the tour is alai quite reasonable.. so many nice places. This tour is totally recommended.

    So far everything is okay

  • Jeju2017

    We had a very flexible and relaxing tour. Our guide, Jin is very friendly and also flexible. We made some changes along the way to our destinations and he did not hesitate to take us there and also spent extra time after our day ended to take us to the places we wanted to go to. Jin gives great recommendations to restaurants. We enjoyed a great local abalone, uni, clam rice for lunch and a very good noodle place for dinner.

    It would be better if there're more explanations about the destinations we went to and if there are any real / made up stories for the particular site.

  • Melody

    Tour was awesome - Itinerary is well mastered.


  • Sheryll

    I loved this tour. It was a little fast pace but that's what the van is for. Jin was fantastic! He made it fun and entertaining. He was very knowledgeable, and actually he is CEO of this company! I didn't think I would like Jeju island as much as I did. We stopped off at the lookout at night to get a picture of the Yongyeon bridge. I think the highlight of the trip was Seongsan sunrise peak. It is breathtaking!! When do you ever get to do that in your lifetime? Thank you very much, Core Travel

    I expected that our car is a van, but was a sedan. It was a bit small for our family, 3people. I didn't check the condition well,,, :(

  • Andrea

    This trip was a nice mixture of nature, entertainment, food, and having a great time. The tours and excursions were varied and it certainly have you a balanced experience of Jeju island. I don't see how we could have made any more use of the time without becoming rushed. Hank was extremely competent and knowledgeable. He managed to keep us all happy no matter how "particular" a guest was. He was always full of life with smile&big teeth. His attention to detail and clear explanations helped tremendously. Great group of mixed ages helped too!


  • Kelly Chew

    If you want to experience Koreaw, just give core travel your money. This was an incredible tour. We learned so much about Korea and its history. Our guides were so good! A great tour into an unforgettable experience.

    all good!

  • tang

    很棒的一次济州岛一日遊,導遊很贊! 很詳細耐心得給我們介紹這裡的景色,線路規劃的也很不錯,物超所值!


  • Sachi

    Its a great experience of a life time. Despite the tight schedule the group, managed to do well with many mindful people and guided by our energetic tour leader and skillful driver. Yes it was better then what I envisaged before the trip. Thank you

    It was just good for me.