“Sumokwon Theme Park” in Jeju is an indoor museum and theme park combines the concepts of ice sculpture and 5D screen. This is located in New Jeju provincde. The theme park also features illusion Bucket list 3D Art, where you can take photographs of yourself in the paintings. As each section is considerably different, whenever move steps, visitors easily feel they come to diverse museums.

Ice Museum is one of prides of “Sumokwon Theme Park”. The Ice museum was composed of some of famouse Ice artists’ art crafts from Japan: Junichi Nakamura, Sone Hideyuki and Kadoguchi Kenji. In this ice museum, people are allowed to touch ice art crafts without any warns unlike other ice museums. However the one thing visitors have to keep in their mind is that wearing heavy clothes even the outside temperature appoint summer weather. To preserved art crafts, museum keeps inside of museum cold. Enjoy the “Ice Country”!

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