Artist Lee Jung Seop is known for his paintings, reminicent of Fauvism, including one called “Bull.” During the Korean War, he spent a year in as a war refugee Seogwipo with his Japanese wife and two sons in a small leased house, wherre he produced his masterpieces.

Although the stay was temporary it was one of the happiest times for him and certainly, the most productive. Recognizing his importance, Seogwipo City purchased the house, restored it to its original form and also created the Lee Joong Seop Memorial Hall. The street in front of his house, which he walked day and night, was renamed Lee Joong Seop Street. Lee Joong Seop Gallery is just behind the restored house. The gallery houses over 8 masterpieces by Lee Joong Seop and 52 works by modern Korean painters that were donated to Seogwipo City by Lee Ho-jae (CEO of Gana Art). Lee Joong Seop Art Festival is held every September along with seminars on him. Special Exhibition Hall is available for leasing.

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