Located in Jongdal-ri (Gujwa-eup, Jeju City), Yongnuni Oreum (also called Yonganak, literally meaning ‘Dragon Eye Mountain’) is a parasitic volcano almost 250 meters in height. Various craters and lava hills mingle together, and the front side of the mountain shows picturesque landscapes, typical in Jeju oreums with an abundance of lush grass. The outskirts of the mountain are full of natural plants such as Ranunculus japonicus, Pulsatilla koreana, and Elsholtzia splendens.

The name, Yongnuni Oreum, is derived from the fact that the mountain looks like the shape of a dragon lying down. The large crater in the middle of the hill looks like a place where a dragon used to lay. Some people have argued that the name comes from the crater looking like a dragon’s eye when seen from the air.

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