Jeju Small-Group UNESCO Day Tour - South Course

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Jeju Small-Group UNESCO Day Tour South side of Jeju island is for those who looking for Jeju’s UNESCO heritages, Great scenery, and No-shopping quality tour. The picturesque island of Jeju is a UNESCO–listed gem lying off the southern shores of South Korea. On this all-inclusive full-day UNESCO tour, experience the best of Jeju Island in one day with entrance fees, lunch, and round-trip travel from your downtown hotel included. Hike up Mt.Halla, reach sites of interest including Jusangjeolli cliff, Cheonjiyeon falls, and enjoy personal attention from your guide on this small-group tour—limited to 15 people per group. This tour is available on Mon/Wed/Fri.


1) Please write your Hotel Name in the Order Notes form on the booking page.
2) If you miss to fill out the information necessary(Name, Email, Contact, Nationality, Hotel name and address) on the booking page, we cannot send you a tour voucher which includes a specific pick up point and time.
3) This tour is not a private tour, you will be mixed with other people – limited to 15Pax per group.


  • This tour is available on Mon/Wed/Fri only. 
  • A minimum booking of 2 adults is required in this package.
    – If you are a solo traveler, please contact us to check the availability.
    – For solo travelers, hotel pick-up service may not be available. The nearest pick-up point will be informed. 
  • Pick-up service is available only within Jeju city downtown area.
  • Please wait for our guide 5mins before the pick-up time, the bus/van won’t wait. (If you are late and miss the bus, the tour fee is not refundable.) 
  • You must input your hotel name, address, and contact number on the booking page. 
  • If we are unable to reach you(phone/email/etc) by the day before the tour date, it could be canceled. In this case, a 100% penalty will be applied. 
  • This is not a private tour, you will be mixed with other people.
  • Travelers should have a moderate physical fitness level.
  • Entrance ticket fees are not refundable even if you don’t enter.
  • No shopping/optional tour/hidden cost with this tour. 
  • Tour course is subject to change according to local circumstances such as seasonal events/weather/road conditions/etc.


  • 125USD(=150,000KRW) per person/adult
  • 0~24 months infant: Free
  • 24months ~ 18years: 110USD(=132,000KRW)
  • Make an exact amount of cash payment directly to the guide on the tour day, before the tour starts.

Tour Time

  • 9:00 or 9:30~18:00
  • Available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays


  • Individual pick up & sending at your hotel
  • Minivan+Driver-cum-English speaking guide(Rented minivan, Group of 2-7)
  • Minibus+Driver+English speaking guide(Group of 8-15)
  • English-speaking driving guide
  • Entrance fee
  • Lunch


  • Tip (recommended, not compulsory)
  • Personal expenses
  • Dinner

Pick up Time

  • Between 09:00~09:30 AM
  • The specific pick-up time will be informed a day before the tour date after 6 pm.
  • Please wait for our guide 5mins before the meeting time, outside of the main gate of your hotel.

Pick up Location

  • At your hotel
  • Individual Pick up service is available only within Jeju city downtown area.
  • If you are staying out of Jeju city downtown area, you must come to ☞ Core Travel’s office 1st floor by 9 AM.


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Tour Courses

  • Jeju Daily UNESCO Tour(Mon/Wed/Fri) – South side of Jeju Island

    1. Individual pick up service at your hotel2. Mysterious Road3. Mt.Halla(UNESCO) Eoseungsaengak Trail3-1. Mt.Songak Hiking(on a rainy or snowy day)4. Lunch5. Jusangjeolli Cliff6. Yakchoensa Temple7. Olle Trail Course no.78. Oedolgae Rock9. Cheonjiyeon Falls (UNESCO)10. Individual sending service to your hotel

    Begin your day with an individual pick-up service between 9:00~9:30am, at your hotel lobby in Jeju city downtown area. Your exact pick-up time will be informed a day before the tour date.

    ※ If you are staying out of Jeju city downtown area, you must come to Core Travel‘s office by 9 am to join the tour.

    There’s a hundred-meter section on 1100 Road where things roll upward. This road became known to the world in 1981 when a couple on honeymoon got out of their car for photo taking while placing their car gears in neutral and witnessed it rolling upward. This road actually has 3-degree downward slant but the surrounding terrain makes it look like an upward slant.

    60mins Trekking – Hallasan Mountain stands proudly at the center of Jeju Island and is perhaps the island’s most memorable landmark. Also called Mt. Yeongjusan, meaning “mountain high enough to pull the galaxy,” Hallasan Mountain is widely known by scientists for its geological value. It was designated as the national park in 1970, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2002, UNESCO World Heritage in 2007, and UNESCO Geopark in 2010.

    Eoseungsaengak rises 1,169m above sea level. It takes approximately 30 minutes to climb to the top along its 1.3 km long trail.
    You can enjoy the amazing view of Jeju city on the front side and Submit of Mt.Halla at behind.

    ※ When the road is closed due to heavy rain, heavy snow or icy road, it will be replaced by visiting Mountain Songak.

    Songaksan Mountain is also called 99 Bong (99 Peaks) due to its 99 small peaks. The road from Sanbanggulsa Temple in Southern Jeju to Songaksan Mountain is a famous coastal drive with breathtaking scenic views. Though not as enormous as Hallasan Mountain, the view from the peak of Songaksan is truly scenic. From the summit, one can see nearby islands such as Marado, Gapado, and Hyeongjeseom, and as far as Hallasan Mountain and the Pacific Ocean.

    Lunch menu
    – Jeju local pork noodle or vegetable noodle

    Following the farm road about 600m to the southwest from Daepo-dong, at the end of the pine tree forest is a cliff. At the base of this cliff is the Jisatgae Coast along with the imposing stone pillars. Jusangjeolli is stone pillars piled up along the coast and is a designated cultural monument of Jeju Island. Jusangjeolli Cliff was formed when the lava from Hallasan Mountain erupted into the sea of Jungmun. They are rock pillars shaped like cubes or hexagons of various sizes and almost seem as if stonemasons had carved them out. The administration of the district named them ‘Jisatgae Rocks’ from their old name ‘Jisatgae’. The 20m cliff makes it a popular spot for high tide and sea angling. The waves of the high tide crashing into the side of the cliff provide a breathtaking view of the ocean surrounding the pillars.

    The architectural style of Yakcheonsa Temple is reminiscent of that of Buddhist temples of the early Joseon Dynasty. Measuring an impressive 30m high and spanning a total area of 3,305 meters squared, it is the largest temple in the East. Upon entering Yakcheonsa Temple, guests will be greeted by a 5m-tall statue of Vairocana, the tallest of such statues in Korea, on a 4m high pedestal. The walls on both the right and left have been sculpted into large altar portraits of Buddha and in front of the Dharma Hall is a giant Buddhist temple bell, weighing 18 tons. Beloved for its size and grandeur, the temple consists of the main temple (2,652 meters squared) and a 3-story residential structure for the Buddhist monks.
    Jeju Island biosphere reserve is located at the center of the island, comprising its core area; Mt. Halla National Park, two stream corridors and three islets including Beomseom, Munseom and Seopseom.
    Beopwhan-dong area has a beautiful coastline which is part of Olle Trail Course no.7 with a view of Beomseom, Munseom and Seopseom Islets.
    Beomseom Islet got its name from its shape like a big tiger sitting down (“Beom” means a tiger in Korean.) It has two caves. Legend says that the goddess Seolmundae Halmang, the creator of Jejudo Island, made those caves when she stretched her legs lying down using Hallasan Mountain as a pillow. Munseom Islet is a natural habitat of soft coral colonies that possess a beauty that awes divers. Corals only grow in places that are rich in plankton and where nothing floats on water. Munseom provides a perfect habitat for corals because the sunlight reaches 40m deep into the water. Seopseom Islet is full of evergreen trees and a repository of plants where 180 species of plants grow. It is famous as a natural habitat for Spleenwort, which is designated as a Natural Monument. It also has rich fishery resources, making it a famous fishing spot.
    Oedolgae Sea Stack sits not far from the shores of Sammaebong Peak in Seogwipo. It is an amazing rock 20 meters in height and is estimated to have formed approximately 1.5 million years ago. The fantastic rocks of the coastal cliff around Oedolgae and Sammaebong Peak provide the perfect background for trekking. The sunset of Beomseom Island, which can be seen from Oedolgae Sea Stack, has long been an admired view for people visiting Jeju Island.
    The water at Cheonjiyeon Falls, meaning “sky connected with land,” appears to fall from the heavens, giving the falls its name. Apart from the wild Dampalsu trees, designated as Natural Monument No. 163, the wooded area also contains a great variety of rare plants such as brambles, Songyeopnan as well as Gusiljappam trees, Sanyuja trees (Chinese lemon trees), and camellias which all make up a forest specified as Natural Monument No. 379. Take a walk along the subtropical path towards the Cheonjiyeon Falls for a kilometer and you will be able to hear the magnificent sound of the water falling. The waterfall is 22m high, 12m wide and 20m in depth. The clear and deep water of Cheonjiyeon Falls is designated as Natural Monument No. 27 and is renowned as a habitat for Mutae eels (Natural Monument No. 258).

    After finishing the tour, our driver will send you back to the hotel. Tour will end around 18:00.


To maintain the quality of the tour, we limit 15pax per group. 


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